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Armadura Metal Roof is the proud accomplishment of Nahanni Steel Products Inc. The entire system is designed and manufactured in Brampton, Ontario.

Metal Roof Benefits

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Is your existing roof damaged or worn out? If yes, then metal roof installation is one of the ideal solutions that tends to remain in proper shape for up to 50 years. Whether you are planning to install a new roof or need to replace the existing one, Armadura Metal Roofs are the one you should opt for.

Though wood and asphalt shingles are comparatively more popular materials among homeowners, they are risked to degrade at a faster pace.

For unmatched longevity, durability, and affordable roofing systems, metal roofing is your ultimate solution. Made from steel, aluminum or copper strips, metal roofs offer enhanced looks and great protection against natural elements such as rain, sunlight etc.

Major Advantages Of Metal Roofing

Most of the metal roofs are lightweight & portable. They are around ¼ the weight of a tile roof, and around ½ the weight of asphalt shingled roof.

Metal roofs are quite durable and resistant to natural elements like hailstorms and wind damages. They are fire resistant compared to other materials.

Energy efficiency
If you are looking for energy efficient roofs, then Armadura metal roofs are the one to go for. They are responsible for saving about 20% of energy bills.

Compared to other roofs, metal roofs are available in a wide array of colors, styles, and textures. One can choose a complementary color, style, and design.

Why Choose Armadura Roofs?

If you really want to own a durable and long lasting residential or commercial roof, Armadura metal roofs are the well-known roofing systems that have managed to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. While the benefits of metal roofs are known to all, with competing products and effective material, we are a step ahead than others. Some of our properties include:

  • Quality Materials
  • Superior Workmanship
  • Outstanding Value
  • Transferable Warranty

At Armadura Metal Roof, we have earned positive industry reputation and reviews due to an excellent quality of your products. Our company strives to further improve the quality and value of our products so that all you get is far beyond your expectation from us.

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Armadura has a 4-Way Interlocking System

As one of the leading suppliers of architectural products to the construction industry, Armadura offers a sustainable, dependable and environmentally friendly metal roofing system. Available in a wide range of applied finishes, our metal roofs allow for maximum design freedom, while providing long-term peace of mind through extensive warranty coverage.

50 Year Warranty

With an Armadura Metal Roof you are protected like no other. Industry leading warranty backed by the manufacturer. Even if you sell your home we will support the new homeowner under the same warranty.