North American STEEL

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All of our Metal Roofing Products we carry are being made with North American STEEL. 

Why is STEEL our preferred choice in Metal Roofing for your home?

 Compared to any other metal alloy nothing comes close to the Strength that STEEL can deliver. Because of that Strength you are able to walk on our Metal Roofs without causing damage unlike a Aluminum Roof. 


10 Good Reasons to Install a Roof Pros Plus Roof

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LONG-LASTING. Roof Pros Plus roofing’s metal roofing products are long lasting and cary a transferable warranty of up to 50 years which increases the resale value of your house.


ATTRACTIVE AND LIGHTWEIGHT. Because Roof Pros Plus metal roofing products are aesthetically pleasing to the eye with vibrant colours in a matt finish that blends in with your neighbourhood and they look great on any type of roof. In addition, they are lightweight — at least 60% lighter — and more resistant than asphalt shingles, concrete and clay tiles, cedar shakes and slate roofing materials.


STRONGER THAN ALUMINUM. It is a fact that Roof Pros Plus metal roofing products are stronger, thus will not dent as easily, yet are less expensive than aluminum shingles. In time, aluminum shingles will deteriorate under the effect of oxidation.


RUST RESISTANT. Roof Pros Plus metal roofing products are protected with a corrosion-resistant of zinc G90 Galvanized Steel, then a second coating of primer paint and finally, a Crinkle Coating.


DURABILITY. Because Roof Pros Plus metal roofing products won’t curl, crack, rot, break, chip, peel, streak or perforate under normal use. Neither will they leave ugly, long, dark, vertical tar streaks and shed loose granules to clog your gutters like asphalt shingles do, as they have a Crinkle finish.


RESISTANT TO 120 MPH WINDS. All our our metal roofing products will resist driving acid rain, high winds, ice and hail storms, heavy sleet and snow falls, stinging frost, blistering sun, insects, pine needles, and even burning embers from brush or forest fires. 


NOT SUBJECT TO VARIABLE OIL PRICES. Because Roof Pros Plus metal roofing products are manufactured with new and recycled steel, and are not subject to the fluctuations in the cost of fossil fuels and world market oil prices.


COOL-ROOF TECHNOLOGY. Because Roof Pros Plus metal roofing products enjoy the most advanced Cool Roof reflection technology ensuring exceptional protection from solar radiation and reducing the cost of air-conditioning.


ENVIRONMENTALLY-FRIENDLY BECAUSE THEY ARE RECYCLABLE. Contrary to asphalt shingles clogging our landfill sites after their useful life, Roof Pros Plus metal roofing products are made in part of recycled steel and are 100% recyclable at the end of their extended lifecycle, thereby contributing to the protection of our environment.


HIGHER RESALE VALUE With a transferable warranty of up to 50 years, a house covered with Roof Pros Plus metal roofing products has a greater resale value compare to a house with asphalt shingles.

With all these features and benefits, why would you choose any other type of roofing material?